I render, therefore I am


Hi, I'm Marien!

A Swedish / Congolese 3D artist & storyteller available for freelance projects and design advice.

I like to think of myself as both the artisan and the muse, seamlessly navigating between the realms of pure artistic creation and pragmatic design solutions. Whether it's conceptualizing for a new art project or helping to craft  functional designs for commercial ventures, my expertise bridges various creative spheres.

My mission? To help articulate ideas through bespoke 3D experiences,  often through the creation of original 3D characters. Be it client projects or my own whimsical creations, my goal remains unwavering: to produce visuals that don't just catch the eye but also spark thought; informing, educating, and hopefully inspiring.

I help create dialogue between ideas and their audience


I'm evidently bald, but I do wear many different hats in the 3D animation pipeline. My 3D expertise encompasses a full production. [Modeling, Animation,  Rigging, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering etc].

My weapons of choice is usually the CINEMA 4D (Redshift) + Substance Painter + Adobe CC combo but I'm not limited to Marvelous Designer, Blender and very basic Houdini. The truth is I love immersing myself in the technical/artistic bits equally and I believe with a little bit of tinkering and stubborness any challenge can be solved.

I've had the privilege to work with a lot of brands & companies, both at agencies and as a freelancer. A lot of it is under NDA and some just plain old, but that won’t stop me from dropping some names to imply that I have some sort of street-cred.


2016-2019    Visual Communication, Linnaeus University
2019-2020    Motion Creative, Hyper Island

2021-2021 Motion Designer / 3D Artist, Tommy
2021 - Now  Freelance 3D Artist & Animator

The Negro Space Program (2022) -
Artist Talk followed by Screening at Svenska Filminstitutet, Rex Animation Festival, Amandusfestivalen and Tempo Documentary Festival and more.

BERGHS School of Communication (2022 & 2023) - Lecturer - Cinema 4D Crash-Course

Hyper Island (2024) - Lecture & Workshop, ''Seeing is Believing'' - About visual concepts in animated commercial storytelling


Get in touch at hello@mariensingbo.com