Deliverables and objectives:

A one minute (01.00) film visualizing the network and impact of 'The Park' ; its culture and values. This in order to help establish 'The Park' as an important part of Stockholm's entreprenuerial ecosystem.
We created a 60 second animated video, supported with voiceover, using simple graphic and 3D elements to illustrate complex ideas and values.

Our goal with this approach was to effectively convey the culture and brand that makes The Park more than just a coworking space. It was ought to be playful yet, professional and use various styles to embody The Park's diversity. In short it was an animated manifesto using The Park’s core values to speak directly to future members, current members, and corporate partners alike.

Head of 3D Design
My assigned task was to make sure that we had a consistent visual language throughout the different scenes. I worked specifically on the first scene; creating characters which also reoccured in the second to last scene.
Diversity was a important value for The Park,  so I had this in mind when working on the character design. I purposely made them ambigous and diverse in shape and colours to be inclusive.
Creative Director: 
Art Director: 
Illustration, design and animation: 
Mohammed Elberkawi  
Marien Singbo (3D),  Yuvia Maini Rekdal (2D)    
Goncalo Brito
Goncalo Brito, Anaide Chirinian, WIlliam Christiansson, Ida Edlund, Mohammed Elberkawi, Wictor Gussing, Matej Jurmanovic, Yuvia Maini Rekdal, Joel Masko, Marien Singbo, Marcus Steensberg. 
 Commisioned by The Park
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