Men are often portrayed as being hesitant to ask for help when they experience problems in their everyday life. General stereotypes depicts men reluctantly asking for directions when they are lost, having trouble sharing emotions that leaves them vulnerable and at all costs avoiding seeking needed help from professionals as it can interpreted as a sign of weakness. A majority of empirical research supports the popular belief that men are reluctant to seek help from professionals. Men are less likely to seek help for problems ranging from depression, substance abuse, physical disabilities, and stressful life events.

It comes as no surprise that women according to statistics appear be more depressed as they tend to be more vocal compared to men. When taking the social gender norms into consideration one can  deduce that these numbers do not tell the whole story. Men are just as depressed as women, but in silence. In fact, statistics show that men are 3 times more likely than women to commit suicide, with researchers coming to the conclusion that social norms regarding gender is the major culprit. 

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